Homo Sapiens

History & Philosophy

Homo Sapiens

Language: English

Published: 2019-08-01

Number of pages: 67

Printing: Newcomers Authors Publishing Group

ISBN-10: 1950430062

ISBN-13: 978-1950430062

Autor: Shimon Garber

Editor: Vladimir Belinker



Probably, the questions of the universe, religion, and our place in our life appear in the mind of any thinking person. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “All people are born free and equal.”

The Founding Fathers of America envisage almost everything. But even they could not have foreseen that society would change so much. That can come to power by the standard electoral way, otherwise then simple-thinking people. People have different ideas now becoming majorities, seeking to take everything and to divide. Democrats from defenders of slavery become socialists and move far to the left. For the sake of a legal seizure of power, they are ready to go to the destruction of the constitutional laws adopted centuries ago. They want to lower the age limit of voters to 16, as well to give illegal immigrants the rights to vote. Also, provide the rights to vote to the inmates in prisons.

The religion of communism has once again grown its heads, and the unlearned humanity still called upon the revolutionary redistribution wealth among society.

How true is it that all people are born equal and free? Of course, that is very true. But as well some of the issues and other circumstances yet.

I always thought this statement was somewhat naive and pathetic. From the point of the law, this may be the case, but some are born healthy and wealthy, while others are poor and sick. These inequalities can be listed endlessly. Smart and not very. Lucky and quite the opposite. Born in an ethical and free country, climate-friendly, or a terrible hole, in a third world country, there is no freedom and no food. In a lovely family, where the born child loved and cherished, or in an unhappy family, where a child is a burden. Everyone can continue this series for themselves. Social inequality greets us from the day of birth and accompanies us throughout our life journey. In addition to social inequalities, there are racial, national, gender, physical, intellectual differences. Human life could be affected by unique talents, external data, place of birth, and many other circumstances that give rise to inequality, both natural and generated by social factors.

Some receive dividends from inherited wealth or values created by their efforts; others live by earnings from hard work they do. As well in every society, we can meet some people who cannot work, and some even do not wish to work at all. All these social inequalities have led to the stratification of society. Those who have been less fortunate in the social hierarchy often belong to minorities groups, although these minorities already have long been the majority in many modern states. Their voices are getting louder and more demanding.

In today's modern democratic countries, with a real electoral system, former minorities are increasingly gaining seats in government. Their voices are more audible. Such a familiar requirement to take wealth, divide everything for free, and it must be now. Democracy is on their side, as well as demographics. They have already come, and this is today's reality.

We can't win back and declare everything that happened is a mistake. The freedoms for which minorities have fought for so many years are today's reality. They are now the majority, and now up to them is the future of our planet. For better or worse, it's up to our descendants to deal with it. They must go through this unexplored path. Whether they will be able to defend our values or invent others, we are not given to foresee. As we leave, we wish them good luck and pray, even non-believers.

What awaits our society tomorrow? Civil war, chaos, or something even worse?