Homo Sapiens

History & Philosophy

Homo Sapiens

Language: English

Published: 2019-08-01

Number of pages: 67

Printing: Newcomers Authors Publishing Group

ISBN-10: 1950430062

ISBN-13: 978-1950430062

Autor: Shimon Garber

Editor: Vladimir Belinker


Shimon Garber's book "Homo sapiens" is a brief history of human civilization. The reader can say that he already knows everything - and will make a mistake. After all, to highlight the essential thing that determined the course of history, and to tell it in a relatively small book - it is a real an art. The story of Shimon Garber is concise, simple, well remembered, but at the same time makes the reader think and conduct logical chains of historical events of different countries and eras. The reader thanks this book will not only easily remember the most critical mile sh his intellectual stock.stones in the history of the people of the Earth, but will also be able to apply knowledge in practice - when passing the exams on history, answering a variety of tests, in a word - the book will help the reader to replenish his intellectual stock. Evelina Rakitskaya, member of the Union of Writers of Israel