Immigrants Vol. I: Capital of Immigrants


Immigrants Vol. I: Capital of Immigrants

Language: English

Published: 2017-07-31

Number of pages: 234

Printing: Newcomers Authors Publishing Group

ISBN-10: 1732261167

ISBN-13: 978-1732261167

Autor: Shimon Garber

Editor: Anastasia Olshevskaia



After leaving the USSR, Adam Gardov arrives in Austria to meet with the Israeli Sokhnut. He plans to immigrate to Israel and start a new life, but plans change.

Instead of Israel, Gardov decides to apply for an American visa—a laborious process that takes six months. To support himself, he finds employment in Vienna, working for the odious Madame Betina.

Gardov’s decision will have far-reaching consequences. While anxiously awaiting word on his visa application, he meets the beautiful Nata, another Russian immigrant who turns his head before leaving for America.

Join Gardov as he travels from Vienna to that iconic home of immigrants, New York City. There, he discovers life in America will not be easy. He has a new language to master, a job to find, and a driving need to start his own business. And when he reconnects with Nata, he realizes he cannot live without the charming and artistic young woman.

The first volume in Shimon Garber’s sweeping Immigrants saga, Capital of Immigrants, brings to life the trials of adapting to a new country and culture and the dedication it takes to forge a new life after leaving everything you once knew behind.