Jews liberal vs. Jews of the right-wing   Part II

Jews liberal vs. Jews of the right-wing Part II

Published: 2019-11-27

Part 2 Israel is even cooler. Liberal Jews vs. right-wing Jews. Religious is natural for themself. Whoever wins they will join in. The electoral system is such a mess that to agree and create a sustainable government is unsustainable. Radical changes and the creation of the country's constitution are needed. Liberalism has reached its climax of absurdity. Terrorists and criminals are enjoying a wonderful life in prisons. It doesn't matter from where and whom the money comes. Sending a son or daughter to kill a Jew, and the family will be provided a good living. But the children of Israelis who defend lives in the country can be jailed "for exceeding the necessary defense” from a life-threatening terrorist. Games of liberalism paralyzed the country. Never before in the country's short history has Israel had a true friend in the White House. Now that the wildest wishes can be realized, the Liberals are trampling on the Prime Minister's feet, who can accomplish something that is not even could a dream come true. While, deceitful and disyoke accusations of all sorts of sins, hoping to trample and destroy the opponent for a more significant piece of cake, show all the abomination and insignificance of liberalism the Democrats both in the U.S. and in Israel. All over the world. And we can understand. Push someone, it's their time now.